Am I Too Ugly To Get A Girlfriend?

womaninwhiteIt is not very easy to get a girlfriend these days most so if you are a shy kind of a guy who has no
confidence to approach ladies.  Finding a woman who fits your needs and desires today has become a tricky affair.  You might be sitting in a corner and wondering; am I too ugly to get a girlfriend?

While most men believe that possessing great looks is an automatic ticket to getting any girl they would desire, that is actually a big misconception. Unlike males, females do not choose based on appearance.  Ever wondered why the ugliest men are the ones that roll with the prettiest women? This should be evident enough that women do not go for looks.

The reason why it is no longer a walk in the park to win the heart of a woman is women have changed their search criteria; they nowadays look for so much in a guy. They want a man who is stable financially, mature, somebody who is ready to catch a grenade for them and many other qualities that the modern man does not have. Other reasons are that you could be acting in a way that scares away every girl that you meet. Also, you could be finding it hard to get a woman to call your girlfriend because;

You Are Too Scared To Make a Move

Naturally girls are to be hunted, no matter how handsome you are, if you just sit there waiting for a lady to notice your cuteness and start to seduce you, then you might die a bachelor. Like a famous basketball player once said you’ll miss 100% of the shots you do not take. So rather than just sitting and wondering what could be the problem with your face or figure, go out there, and approach as many ladies as you can.  Women are social beings, they are friendly and like to be approached by the opposite sex. Before you know it you will have countless phone numbers of potential matches out of which you might be lucky to find someone that will adore you.

You Are Taking Life Too Serious

Being too serious will not help you win over a girl fast. Women perceive men who take things too serious as people that do not know how to have fun. Ladies like to enjoy life and would prefer a partner who loves to do that too. Understand that not every relationship is to lead to marriage, do not expect the woman you are trying to win over to act like your wife. If you treat her as though she is your wife, you will scare her away from you instead of attracting her. Lighten up, do not take things too serious even when she interacts with other guys don’t get offended because that does not mean she will sleep with them.

You Are Disclosing Too Much About Yourself Quite Early

Not leaving enough for her to think about is another reason you will never get her. Well it is good to let her know a little about yourself but not everything. Do not bring to light your entire life story on the first date. Women are fascinated by suspense, they like to think and wonder more about the man who is trying to woo them because it makes them keep thinking about the man.

You Are Coming as Too Desperate

Infatuation is a major turn off to girls. No woman would love to keep a man who is too needy and desperate for their love. It could be possible that you are infatuating on every girl that you meet. Acting like this will just scare away most girls from you and make them avoid you rather than being attracted to you.


George Phillips