How To Bounce Back From A Breakup


Remember, a breakup isn’t the end of the world, even though it often feels that way at the time.

If you’ve just been dumped by your partner, you may be experiencing a range of negative emotions and physical responses. The good news is that while you may not bounce back from a breakup overnight, you will start to feel better in time.

If you’re interested in learning about the process of moving on from your ex, continue reading to discover our handy guide to bouncing back from a break up.

What to expect:

1. Intense emotions and mood swings

A common emotional response after a breakup is confusion.  You may find yourself playing back the events of the past few weeks to figure out why you were dumped.

You may also experience mood swings. One minute you may be hatching a plan to get your ex to take you back and the next minute you may be thinking of ways to cause them as much emotional pain as they’ve caused you.

Experiencing grief and a sense of loss is also a natural response. If you find yourself missing the company of your ex, you may want to consider spending time with your friends or family members.

2. Physical reactions

As well as experiencing a range of emotions you may also experience physical reactions such as headaches, nausea, vomiting, issues with your appetite and a lack of energy.

Here are some handy tips on how to get over a break up:

1. Accept offers of help from your friends and family members

Although you may feel alone, you don’t have to deal with a break up on your own. If you need emotional support and a shoulder to cry on or more practical help such as assistance running errands, remember that a loved one is only a phone call away.

2. Make yourself your number one priority

It’s not unusual to suffer from insomnia or a lack of appetite after a break up. Following a break up it’s crucial to concentrate on putting yourself first and making sure that you get enough food and sleep to function properly.

If you experience a loss of appetite try substituting three square meals for a series of smaller more frequent meals. If you’re having trouble sleeping, try going to sleep an hour earlier than you normally would or taking a nap when you get home from work.

If you find yourself feeling severely depressed or suicidal, make sure to book an appointment with your local physician. If you’re feeling depressed at night and can’t get hold of a physician, you may want to consider calling a free, 24 hour help line.

3. Release your emotions

Contrary to popular belief, there’s no need to put on a front and appear strong and unfazed after a break up. It’s much healthier to release your emotions, even if that means crying, screaming at the top of your lungs or venting to a trusted friend.

The healing process:

You may be wondering how long it will take to feel normal again. The honest truth is that your recovery period will depend on a variety of factors including the length of your relationship, how invested you were in your relationship, whether or not you felt blind sided and whether or not you have a strong support system in place.

Dating after a break up:

Exactly how soon after a break up should you start dating again? The truth is that there is no set time frame for reentering the dating pool.

If you’ve been through a series of break ups or lead a busy life, you may want to consider focusing on yourself for a while. Alternatively, you may find that you get over your ex in a flash and are ready to start to dating shortly after your break up.

Additional support:

Depending on your individual circumstance you may or may not benefit from additional support from a qualified counselor. If your relationship ended as a result of infidelity, you were physically or emotionally abused by your ex or you continue to seek contact with your ex, it may be extremely beneficial to get an outsiders perspective on your situation. If you share property, a mortgage or custody of children with your ex, then you may also want to speak to a qualified counselor or therapist.

Lastly, remember that although you may feel as if you’ll never experience joy or love again, that in time your heart will heal. For the time being, make yourself a priority and treat yourself the way you’d imagine the love of your life would treat you.


How Do You Make A Girl Want You Badly?

closeupofwomanwithblueeyesAll single men around the globe are desperate for quick answers on how to make a woman want them.  Men sometimes get disheartened simply because they don’t have the technique on how to make a girl adore them completely.   This simply makes a man’s life totally miserable.   Majority of men fail to make a woman love them only because they are not aware that emotion is a woman’s weakness .  They tend to react quickly when their emotional switches are correctly stimulated.

There are many ways in which a man can stimulate a woman’s emotions until she agrees you are the one.  Visit to learn the quickest way to turn a totally uninterested woman into a loyal and loving girlfriend.  It’s easier than you think when you know exactly what to do to trigger her attraction buttons.

Women love men who are confident of themselves and have ambition. A man should love himself and be positive always, this will in turn make any kind of woman be comfortable around you and also attracted to you. An ambitious man will surely have women swarming around him; he is a man full of adventure and has a sturdy zest for life. Ladies like men with captivating a life.

No one wants to be ignored, therefore it is important to respect a woman for her to be able to respect you.  Doing and giving everything to a girl will never make her notice you the way you want but can also lead to disrespect. You can make a lady respect and admire to any extend if you have strong self-esteem and self-worth.

Men of high status are the most attractive to women. Females are more drawn to men of higher value than them. As a man, it is basically important to always convey a high status character whenever you are with a girl. This will for sure make her do everything possible to keep you forever.

Ladies hate men who are normally around or available. A lot of men think that being there all the time will arouse a woman love. This can be advised with a big NO, simply because women tend to miss you and worry about you when you are rarely available. Don’t vanish away from her, just try to give her space and see how much she will need you.

Laugh is a medicine to stress and some other related health problem but can also be the key to pursuing a woman. Many ladies love men with good sense of humor since this will make them laugh a lot and enjoy your company. It also increases her self esteem which will in turn make her love you.

Fractionation is one of the best and effective tactics of making a woman attracted to a man sexually through having a conversation in a little time(use it at own risk ).  Make sure that the woman you in tend to pursue feel that she is of huge value and appreciated.  Employ these tips and for sure she will be yearning for you


What’s The Easiest Way To A Woman’s Heart?


Always remember, women want to feel appreciated!

What do we want from life? A source of income, a car, a beautiful house, Yes! We want all of them, but out of all, one thing we all need is a woman; a woman who can be our soul mate and our partner in crime. Enamoring a woman is a difficult task while all the others can be earned easily by working hard.

You can work hard for years & still not get any success in getting a woman’s love. You think being persuasive is good, but then she might end up thinking of you as desperate and creep. You think being ignorant is good, but then she may end up thinking of you as extremist, fanatic or egoistic enough.

You know, what you need to enamor a woman is expert advice. You need an expert who can tell you the easiest way to a woman’s heart. We will tell you some of the key points which will prove to be beneficiary in the long run: –

Make her feel important: – A woman is always craving for attention, give it to her and you may end up being in her good books.

Tell her she is beautiful and she might consider you: – Having an open heart is always considered good. Women are known to like men with a good sense of humor. They are more prone to fall in love with men who know how to bring a smile on their faces.

Make her priority as yours: – If she thinks doing charity is important and if you can find yourself resonating with this thought, then there’s a good probability that you will end up with her in a relationship. Make her priority as yours and she will make you her priority.

Do not act as if you are some Bond: – However smart, talented or successful you are, when around a woman you need to be courteous and chauvinist. You need to shrug off your importance and give her the required attention and when you do this, she will develop the feeling of reciprocating the love.

Make her feel wanted and loved: – If you want to take her to your bed and love her, then go take your chances and tell her your concept of lovemaking and do something to increase her trepidation for the same. Various researches have proved that men who can ignite the feeling of being desired can make a woman fall in love with them easily.


Am I Too Ugly To Get A Girlfriend?

womaninwhiteIt is not very easy to get a girlfriend these days most so if you are a shy kind of a guy who has no
confidence to approach ladies.  Finding a woman who fits your needs and desires today has become a tricky affair.  You might be sitting in a corner and wondering; am I too ugly to get a girlfriend?

While most men believe that possessing great looks is an automatic ticket to getting any girl they would desire, that is actually a big misconception. Unlike males, females do not choose based on appearance.  Ever wondered why the ugliest men are the ones that roll with the prettiest women? This should be evident enough that women do not go for looks.

The reason why it is no longer a walk in the park to win the heart of a woman is women have changed their search criteria; they nowadays look for so much in a guy. They want a man who is stable financially, mature, somebody who is ready to catch a grenade for them and many other qualities that the modern man does not have. Other reasons are that you could be acting in a way that scares away every girl that you meet. Also, you could be finding it hard to get a woman to call your girlfriend because;

You Are Too Scared To Make a Move

Naturally girls are to be hunted, no matter how handsome you are, if you just sit there waiting for a lady to notice your cuteness and start to seduce you, then you might die a bachelor. Like a famous basketball player once said you’ll miss 100% of the shots you do not take. So rather than just sitting and wondering what could be the problem with your face or figure, go out there, and approach as many ladies as you can.  Women are social beings, they are friendly and like to be approached by the opposite sex. Before you know it you will have countless phone numbers of potential matches out of which you might be lucky to find someone that will adore you.

You Are Taking Life Too Serious

Being too serious will not help you win over a girl fast. Women perceive men who take things too serious as people that do not know how to have fun. Ladies like to enjoy life and would prefer a partner who loves to do that too. Understand that not every relationship is to lead to marriage, do not expect the woman you are trying to win over to act like your wife. If you treat her as though she is your wife, you will scare her away from you instead of attracting her. Lighten up, do not take things too serious even when she interacts with other guys don’t get offended because that does not mean she will sleep with them.

You Are Disclosing Too Much About Yourself Quite Early

Not leaving enough for her to think about is another reason you will never get her. Well it is good to let her know a little about yourself but not everything. Do not bring to light your entire life story on the first date. Women are fascinated by suspense, they like to think and wonder more about the man who is trying to woo them because it makes them keep thinking about the man.

You Are Coming as Too Desperate

Infatuation is a major turn off to girls. No woman would love to keep a man who is too needy and desperate for their love. It could be possible that you are infatuating on every girl that you meet. Acting like this will just scare away most girls from you and make them avoid you rather than being attracted to you.